Catching Up: NOTD June 16!

Hey Beauties!

I bought two polishes from Essie at my Shopper’s the other day because they were on sale!  =D  That always makes me do a little happy dance, lol.

I bought ‘Action’ from the new “Poppy-razzi” collection, and Turquoise and Caicos, which I have been lusting after for quite some time now.

Action I’m not too thrilled with.

I was expecting an almost creamsicle -orange colour, but it really just comes out as a strange bright but not neon orange with a matte finish that doesn’t go well with the colour at all.  I have it on my toes, but it’s going to be coming off tomorrow.  Maybe when I have a tan it will look better?

On the other hand, Turquoise and Caicos is super gorgeous!  Just what I was expecting, looks just the same on the nails as in the bottle =)

This picture really doesn’t seem to show the colour well for me though.  It looks a lot “dirtier” and sort of a musty green, where it really is a beautiful turquoise colour.  It is really vibrant!

Here is a photo of my first time wearing it (lighting is a bit yellow):

This is going to be a favourite this summer for sure!

Hope you liked this little mini-review =)

What’s your favourite Essie colour??

Nature made you beautiful, Have fun with it!



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