NOTD: Blue Christmas <3

Hey Beauties!

Here is a post on my first Christmas nails of the season!  I posted a photo on instagram that you would have seen if you follow me there.  I wore these last week, and they lasted the entire week without a single chip (until I wanted to change them).  This was a total experiment, and I’m really happy with the way they turned out! =D

Here is the finished product!

My Right Hand!

My Right Hand!
Snowman and Snowflakes are from QA19 that I bought on eBay!

My Left Hand!

My Left Hand!
Large Snowflake is from Konad m59
Small Snowflake is from QA19 that I bought off eBay.

The base colour is a beautiful new blue polish that I picked up from Essie: “Aruba Blue”.  I had been eyeing this polish for such a long time, and finally thought it would be just a perfect colour to wear for the holidays, so I got it!  I am SO happy with it.  It is the perfect shimmery blue =)

The “snow” I did with Sally Hansen’s “Disco Ball”.  It is a clear base with tiny holographic glitter particles in it.  I tried to do a gradient effect to make it look kind of like the snow was falling and settling on the tips of my nails =)  It was my first attempt at a gradient of any kind on my nails, and I love it!

The stamping is done with Konad special polish in white pearl.  I bought the Salon Express stamping kit from the “as seen on tv” section in Walmart when it went on sale because I wanted to try stamping out so badly this year!  The kit came with a stamper, scraper, plate holder and 5 image plates (for $9.99!).  I have a few Konad plates and a few cheaper ones that I bought on eBay.  Honestly, I think you can totally get away with cheaper products for the stamper and scraper and plates and such.  But I 100% recommend using polish that is specifically made for stamping.  My first attempt was around Halloween, and I just used a regular black polish.  I got so frustrated!  I finally got a decent looking stamp, but it took me ages and I was a bit discouraged.  I decided to invest in the special polish, and WOW.  The difference was unbelievable!  Honestly these turned out perfectly on the first try.  So amazing.

I used Orly’s “Won’t Chip” top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Have you done any holiday nails yet this year?  Send me photos!

Let me know if you want to see a post about how I use my stamping kit!  Keep your eyes peeled for a Favourite Holiday Polishes post coming soon =)



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