NOTD: Green and Gold Holiday Nails

Hey Beauties,

Here is another Christmasy NOTD!  This time it is gold and green themed.  Getting more in the actual festive spirit rather than just wintery =)  I used stamping again and a couple of my favourite Christmas nail polishes.  Check out my entire post on my favourite holiday polishes for 2012!  This is the look on my nails right now, but it will probably be changed on the weekend, so look out for another new holiday NOTD coming soon!

Here is the finished look:

My Left Hand

My Left Hand

I used stamping again for this look.  All of the stamps on both hands came from the     QA19 plate that I got off of eBay.  I don’t think it has any type of brand, but I bought it because it is an entirely Christmas themed plate!  You can buy these plates here.

I started out with a base of 2 coats of Butter London’s “British Racing Green” to get an opaque beautiful green.  Then I used “Luxe” by Orly to trace out and fill in a diagonal line along the tips of my nails on my index and middle fingers, and vertical lines on my thumb and pinkie finger.  Don’t worry about being too perfect, the glitter covers it!

The glitter that I used is China Glaze’s “Winter Holly”.  Going back I would have liked to use a more opaque glitter for this step.  This polish is more of a clear base with small particles of green and gold glitter.  I used a small synthetic brush for acrylic nails (I bought a set of brushed off eBay specifically to use for nail art) to paint a line of glitter over the intersection of the green and the gold.  It took about 3 coats to be opaque enough to cover the line, ideally I would use a polish that would only take 1, the results would be much neater!

My Right Hand

My Right Hand

I then used the stamping plate and the Konad stamping polish in white pearl to add the tree and the cabin and snowflakes.  I then used a small synthetic fan brush from the same kit off eBay to create the look of soft snow under the tree.  I really liked how it came out!  I used a small dotting tool to add a few gold spots on the tree to look like decorations =).

I finished it off again with the Orly “Won’t Chip” top coat.  I have been wearing this look for 4-5 days now and only have one itty-bitty chip on my thumb that isn’t even noticeable.

These are the polishes that I used!


China Glaze – Winter Holly
Butter London – British Racing Green


Orly – Luxe

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Again, please send me photos of your holiday nails, I love to get inspired!



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