NOTD: Black and Bling

Hey Beauties!

Here is what is on my nails today:


This is Orly “Liquid Vinyl” (2 coats), which is just a plain black polish, topped with Orly “Atomic Splash” (2 coats).  I have it topped with Orly’s Won’t Chip top coat, last time I paired Orly with Orly like this it lasted well over a week with only minor tip wear!  We shall see if this is a recurring phenomenon…

Atomic Splash

Atomic Splash is from Orly’s Flash Glam FX line.  It is a clear base with small circular and large hexagonal glitter particles.  The glitter itself is a beautiful pewter grey colour.  I wish it was opaque enough to wear on its own!  I think the effect would be really cool, but I also think it would take about 50 coats…  As far as a glitter goes it is quite easy to work with.  I find it similar to OPI’s “Pirouette my Whistle” top coat, in that the glitter goes on really easily, but it is a bit tricky to get it evenly distributed.

I am pleased with the result though, it catches the light nicely!  I think I Instagrammed a photo of this right after I bought it, over a copper colour and I said I wasn’t thrilled with it.  Obviously that was just a poor choice in colour pairing!

Do you like glittery nails?



6 thoughts on “NOTD: Black and Bling

  1. June says:

    I just got ‘Atomic Splash’ on sale at Sally’s and I’m so glad I did! It’s a gorgeous lavender color. It also looks really good over a gold. I hadn’t thought of putting it over black, though, and I really like how this looks! 🙂

    • I hadn’t noticed any lavender tones in it, I will have to look closer! I never thought to try it over gold, that is something I will have to try, thanks for the idea!

      • June says:

        Well, I have been tested for colorblindness on more than one occasion (but I’ve always passed!) so naming colors might not be my specialty lol. I also shared a mani with atomic splash on my own blog (I would link it but I have no idea how to) and it looks bluer in my pictures. Maybe I got a defective bottle!

  2. Don’t worry, I already found your blog and started following ^_^

  3. littlelulu16 says:

    I love that Orly Polish. I will need to scope the store for it. If you get a chance, stop over to my blog and start following. I will be doing a bh cosmetics giveaway soon!

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