Hey Beauties,

Sorry for the extended hiatus! I feel like life has just been flying in fast forward. We had Christmas and then went full-swing into packing mode to prepare for our 2,000+ mile drive to move from Wyoming to Delaware. Then we had to settle in and furnish our apartment, which still isn’t finished! It’s been a lot of fun and a great new experience, but it hasn’t left me time for much of anything else!

I am also really trying to get into gear and decide what to do with myself for a career. I am looking into volunteer opportunities in our community and hoping that will help, I just feel like I need some inspiration. I change my mind at least twice a week about what I want to do! So frustrating… I know I’m still young, but I don’t want to wait forever!

Anyways, I’ll have new posts soon, including Birchbox, Ipsy (Glam Bag), and a first-impressions review of the Caruso Steam hair-setter that I tried for the first time tonight.

Tonight is all about the Oscars, I hope you enjoy!