Haul: Pixi and Pop Beauty

Hey Beauties!

Here is my most recent haul from HauteLook!  It is another Pop Beauty and Pixi Beauty haul =)  You can check out my last one here!  This time around it is a little bit smaller, just three polishes and three bits of makeup.


First up is the nail polish from Pop Beauty:


Polish #1 is called “Tangerine Glitz”.  It looks spectacular!  A bright orange polish packed with multicoloured glitter.  I can’t wait to try this out!


Polish #2 is called “Sterling Metal”.  It is a very metallic (is that possible?) silver polish.  The name describes it perfectly!


Polish #3 is called “Jade Metal”.  It looks very similar to “Sterling Metal”, except it has gorgeous jade green glitter running through it.  It looks totally unique, and I can’t wait to show it to you when I finally try it out!


Here is my first bit from Pixi Beauty.  It is a gorgeous green eyeliner with Tinkerbell on the box!  Obviously I had to buy it because of that =)  I love Tinkerbell!  It just happens to be a huge bonus that the liner is amazing!  It glides on so smoothly, just like the other liners I have from them, and once it dries it doesn’t budge, even if I really rub at it.  Just what I need!  Check out the swatches blow to see how stunning this colour is.  It is a deep mossy green, and the kind of colour I would wear all the time.  The sparkle is really subtle, just enough to brighten your eyes without saying “HEY!  I’m wearing glitter!”.


The next two are lip products.  First up is another Tinkerbell product.  It is a “Magic Tink Tint”.  It is a lip balm/stain stick that goes on quite clear, but then changes to find your perfect pink shade.  I’ve never actually used a product like this before, it’s really neat!  I only tried it on my wrist, so I’m not sure what the actual colour will look like on my lips, but I really liked it on my wrist!  It is also extremely moisturizing.


The final product I bought was a “Lip and Line” in the colour   .  On one end is a lipliner and on the other is a coordinating lipstick.


The Lipstick:


The Lipliner:


Here are the swatches.  It turned out to be a little bit darker than I was expecting.  I thought it might be a nice dusty rose, but I think this will be more of a fall colour for me.


I hope you enjoyed!  Did you buy anything from this sale?  Be sure to check out Haute Look if you don’t know what it is!



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