First Impressions: Caruso Steam Molecular Hair Setter

Hi Beauties,

I think this is my first “first-impressions” post!  I have very fine hair, but quite a bit of it, and it just will NOT hold a curl!  I have tried curling irons, curling wants, straighteners, heat activated curling sprays, you name it.  Nothing works.  I might get nice curls that look beautiful but they are gone in about 20 minutes. It is so frustrating =(.  I have had fine, stick straight hair all of my life, and it wouldn’t be so bad if I could even just get a little bit of volume in there, but that just won’t happen!

I finally decided to try hot rollers.  They seem like they would be so much easier to use compared to a curling iron, and hopefully take less than 45 minutes!  After extensive research (googling) and reading blogs and user reviews it seemed like this Caruso system was the best way to go for me.  The idea is that you have rollers encased with sponge that absorbs steam and uses the heat and moisture to set your hair in 15 minutes.


The whole shebang

The promise: “The Caruso Professional Molecular Hairsetter was invented to finally give women the results that they longed for – long lasting curls and volume while keeping hair healthy, shiny and in great condition. The Caruso Professional Molecular system is a revelatory process, tiny molecules of steam penetrate the hair shaft reforming the chain bonds to create healthy, strong beautiful curls.This hairsetter has been customized give you the styling power to accommodate any and all of today’s most popular hair styles. The compact size also makes it ideal for home use.”  They also claim that the curls “Will last for days”!


The rollers come in 5 sizes: Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo (not shown)


Top: Large
Bottom: Jumbo

Of course all of this got me very excited, and many of the bloggers and users called this the best hot rollers for my hair type, because it is supposed to really set your hair in a way that dry heat can’t.  I ordered it from Amazon, and finally got the time tonight to try it out the other night.  Here are the photos:









As you can see, NOTHING HAPPENED!!  GAH.  I can’t even express how disappointed I am at these results.  I was really hoping for anything, a bit of curl, waves, body, anything!  Nothing…  I followed the instructions to a tee, and something obviously didn’t work.  I don’t know if I didn’t get them hot enough?  I saw a lot of reviews saying that they don’t work if you leave them on the steam too long and they get saturated, but I left them on a little bit longer than the 5 seconds they recommended for my hair type.  I know this is my first try and I will be playing around with this more to see if I can’t get some results.  I am going to try steaming the clip as well next time, and maybe leaving them on the steamer a bit longer and rolling my hair more tightly around the sponge.

If I find a way that makes this work for me I will be sure to let you know, so stay tuned!

Fellow fine-haired ladies out there, what works for you to get curls that last all night??