Free Zoya Nail Polish Anyone?

Hey Beauties!

This is just a quick post to let you know about an amazing deal on Zoya nail polish that started this morning!  If you go to their website and enter the code “ZOYA2013” you get 3 polishes for free!  You do have to pay $10s/h, but that is standard on all Zoya orders anyways (unless you purchase 3 additional polishes, then shipping is free!).

I personally have never tried any Zoya polishes, so you can bet that I didn’t miss out on this chance to get my hands on a few!  I ordered 4.  The three I got for free were “Sarah” (after all, isn’t the Zoya rule that you have to have the one that is your own name?), “Kimber” and “Meadow“.  They are all in the reds/pinks colour family, as I don’t really have that much variety in my collection in that area.  I can’t wait to try them out!  The fourth polish that I got wasn’t in the promo because it is from their new “Pixie Dust” collection.  The colour I chose is “Vespa“, a light minty-green.  The special thing about this collection is that the polishes are packed with glitter, but dry with a matte, textured finish.  Something that will be totally unique in my collection!  This collection isn’t released yet, so technically it is a pre-order, and it will ship Feb 1 when they become available.  I will have swatches and reviews on my first impressions of Zoya when they all arrive!


Zoya – “Kimber”


Zoya – “Meadow”


Zoya – “Sarah” (My namesake polish!)


Zoya – “Vespa”


In the mean time, make sure you don’t miss this deal!

Click here:

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Let me know which polishes you order!



Haul: HauteLook – Pixi and Pop Beauty

Hey Beauties!

Today’s post is a haul from HauteLook of Pixi and Pop Beauty products =)  If you’ve never heard of HauteLook before, be sure to check it out here, it is totally free and a great place to find awesome deals!  Quick note: they are back on HauteLook today until Friday at 8AM!


=D My Haul!

First up are the nail polishes.  Pop Beauty polishes are non-occlusive (won’t stain your nails) and “Three Free”, which means they contain no Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP.  They are amazing polishes!  I was shopping with a friend once back in Canada, and we stumbled upon some of these nail polishes in a shop in Vancouver.  They were so pretty we couldn’t help ourselves!  20 minutes later we had painted every nail a different colour with the tester shades, and my friend was buying 2, at $20 each!  Now that was too steep for me to swallow on nail polish, so I passed.  But I did borrow hers to paint my nails that night, and loved it!  The formula is great, and they last ages on the nails.  You can find these at Ulta, POPBeauty,, or Amazon for $10 each.  I picked these up for $3 each on HauteLook!  These are the colours that I purchased:


Pop Beauty nail polish: Foggy

The most beautiful mid-tone grey with subtle blue and pink shimmer running through it.  I had wanted this colour ever since I tried it in the store.  It was my absolute favourite!  So excited to have this for the winter =)


Pop Beauty nail polish: Denim Metal

A brilliant metallic blue with blue shimmer.


Pop Beauty nail polish in Ocean

A stunning royal blue with slightly purple shimmer running through it.


Pop Beauty nail polish: Brave

I can’t wait to wear this one in the summer!  It is a vibrant turquoise with subtle shimmer.  Hello mermaid nails!


Pop Beauty nail polish: Black

Just a nice, opaque creme black polish.

Next, I also picked up a few items from Pixi.  I know they are available at Target, but they are pricey for a drugstore brand, so I have never picked anything up to try.  I have heard great things about their products though, so when I saw them on HauteLook I decided to give them a shot!  Each of these products was $6.

The Endless Silky Eye Pens are pencil eyeliners described as “Waterproof.  Gives the intense colour of a liquid liner in an easy to apply gel pencil.  No retouching required all day.”  I haven’t worn these on my eyes, but I have swatched them on my hands.  They glide on SO nicely, soft and creamy.  You can work with them right after you apply to blend out for a softer look, or smudge them to use as a base.  However, once they set, they are not going anywhere!  I rubbed and rubbed at the swatch on my hand, and it even took some good scrubbing to get it off when I washed my hands.  Definitely water and smudge proof!  Just what I need in an eyeliner =)


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cafe Gold

Cafe Gold is a beautiful warm brown with subtle gold shimmer running through it.  This is my ideal every day shade of eyeliner.


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Tulip


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Tulip


Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Tulip

Black Tulip looks like it is going to be a midnight blue based on the packaging, but it really isn’t too far off from black.  As far as I could tell it just looked like a softer black.  Kind of disappointed about that =(

The Succulent Lip Twin is a multi-use lip & cheek duo.  “Natural oils & extracts condition and protect while adding a tint of awakening colour”.  This is a neat two in one product.  In the tube portion there is a lip balm with vitamin E, jojoba oil and lavender extract.  It is a nice silky coloured balm.  In the cap is the lip & cheek cream with shea butter and aloe vera.  This can just be rubbed on to the lips (kind of like a eos lip balm) or on the cheeks and then blended.  Both are very moisturizing!  It has cute packaging, great colour payoff, and I think it is the perfect idea to throw in your purse and always have on you!


Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red


Succulent Lip Twin in Poppy Red
Bottom – Lip balm from the tube
Top – A swatch of the lip & cheek cream from the cap

The final product I picked up was a Tinted Brilliance Balm.  I have been wanting one of the Tarte lip pencils like this for a while, and this was a fraction of the price, so I figured I’d give it a shot first!  “This balm provides hydration, sheer colour & lip stain.  With shea butter & lip-plumping hyaluronic acid, it will keep your lips in optimum condition.”  I didn’t even realize it had hyaluronic acid, bonus!  This is a chubby pencil lip balm/stain.  I figured I would try the berry colour since it is getting into fall/winter!


Tinted Brilliance Balm in Bitten Berry


Tinted Brilliance Balm in Bitten Berry

Um, a little bit of a difference between the packaging and the product!!!  I got so scared when I opened it for the first time, lol.  I was filming and got my reaction, or so I thought until I found out my camera had died =(


Tinted Brilliance Balm in Bitten Berry

As you can see, it glides on to give a beautiful, sheer “bitten” stain of colour.  I think the name “Bitten Berry” describes this perfectly.  It is very hydrating and comfortable to wear on the lips.  I haven’t tested the longevity of this yet, but will let you know when I do!  I have a feeling it isn’t super long lasting, just because of how silky it is, but maybe the stain penetrates and lasts longer?

Based on these products I will be trying more Pixi in the future for sure!  Do you have any favourite products you would recommend?

Hope you enjoyed this!