NOTD: Blue Christmas <3

Hey Beauties!

Here is a post on my first Christmas nails of the season!  I posted a photo on instagram that you would have seen if you follow me there.  I wore these last week, and they lasted the entire week without a single chip (until I wanted to change them).  This was a total experiment, and I’m really happy with the way they turned out! =D

Here is the finished product!

My Right Hand!

My Right Hand!
Snowman and Snowflakes are from QA19 that I bought on eBay!

My Left Hand!

My Left Hand!
Large Snowflake is from Konad m59
Small Snowflake is from QA19 that I bought off eBay.

The base colour is a beautiful new blue polish that I picked up from Essie: “Aruba Blue”.  I had been eyeing this polish for such a long time, and finally thought it would be just a perfect colour to wear for the holidays, so I got it!  I am SO happy with it.  It is the perfect shimmery blue =)

The “snow” I did with Sally Hansen’s “Disco Ball”.  It is a clear base with tiny holographic glitter particles in it.  I tried to do a gradient effect to make it look kind of like the snow was falling and settling on the tips of my nails =)  It was my first attempt at a gradient of any kind on my nails, and I love it!

The stamping is done with Konad special polish in white pearl.  I bought the Salon Express stamping kit from the “as seen on tv” section in Walmart when it went on sale because I wanted to try stamping out so badly this year!  The kit came with a stamper, scraper, plate holder and 5 image plates (for $9.99!).  I have a few Konad plates and a few cheaper ones that I bought on eBay.  Honestly, I think you can totally get away with cheaper products for the stamper and scraper and plates and such.  But I 100% recommend using polish that is specifically made for stamping.  My first attempt was around Halloween, and I just used a regular black polish.  I got so frustrated!  I finally got a decent looking stamp, but it took me ages and I was a bit discouraged.  I decided to invest in the special polish, and WOW.  The difference was unbelievable!  Honestly these turned out perfectly on the first try.  So amazing.

I used Orly’s “Won’t Chip” top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Have you done any holiday nails yet this year?  Send me photos!

Let me know if you want to see a post about how I use my stamping kit!  Keep your eyes peeled for a Favourite Holiday Polishes post coming soon =)



How to fix your broken makeup!

Hello beauties!

Today I thought I would do a quick post giving you step-by step instructions on how to fix your powder makeup when it breaks.  We all know how awesome it feels to have a pretty new product, it’s so exciting and you just can’t wait to use it!  But what happens when it drops and breaks?

Broken Bottom Drawer =(

=( pretty much sums it up for me.  I used to wind up throwing these products away (which wasn’t so bad when all I used were drugstore products), but now I have invested a bit more in my collection and can’t afford to just replace anything that breaks!  So here are some instructions on how to fix those precious broken items:

You will need: a tool to break up the powder, rubbing alcohol, a flat surface, wax paper, and a flat object slightly smaller than the product you are fixing.

1) After cleaning up the extra powder and making sure your colours aren’t contaminated, take a small tool (such as a cosmetic spatula if you have one, or a pin, I used a pen lid) and sterilize it with rubbing alcohol.

2) Take your rubbing alcohol and dispense it drop by drop into the powder (an eye dropper works great for this!).  Use your tool to mix periodically and keep adding alcohol until you get a paste that is of the consistency that you can easily manipulate.  It should kind of look like this!

The bronzer on the right and the eyeshadows are the right consistency to be fixed.

3) On the flat surface, take your product and very gently lift and drop in order to level the surface.  Once the surface is smooth, leave the product for an hour or two to let the majority of the alcohol evaporate.

4) Once the product is mostly dry, but won’t crumble when you touch it, take your wax paper and cover the surface.  Use your flat object to gently press your powder back into the pan and into shape.  Apply gently pressure for a few minutes.

5) Finally, leave it to dry completely and your product will work just like new!!

The trick is the rubbing alcohol.  It is just a temporary emulsifier that will evaporate completely and leave you with a powder product that has not been altered in any way =).  It takes some time, and if might not look just like new, but I promise it will work just as well, and is totally work the effort!

Have you ever fixed a powder product like this?  Show me your before and after pictures!

Do you have any tips to fix other types of makeup?