Hey Beauties!

Sorry I disappeared for a while, my parents and my sister came to town!  We had such a great visit, one week flew by just way too fast! We did get to see so many things though, including a few things that I hadn’t seen before.

We went to Washington DC and got to see all of the monuments at night.  How breathtaking!   I had seen them in the daylight before, but when they were all lit up, it was just so beautiful.  Unfortunately they are still restoring the Washington Monument, so there was scaffolding about 3/4 of the way up, which takes away from the beauty of the view down the mall.  We also went into the Newseum, which I think is fairly new?  That was amazing, since my husband is a photojournalist, but it is fascinating for anyone who is interested in current (or not so current) events!  They have a gallery full of Pulitzer Prize winners, some of which are stunningly beautiful, and some of which will rip your heart out.  They also have an updated digital screen with over 100 papers from around the world displaying their front pages.  They have an exhibit on the FBI, JFK, and even the First Dogs, all about how the media covered the various aspects.  We thought it would be a quick buzz through, but we were there for almost 3 hours, right up until it closed.  It was a busy 2 days filled with walking!  We were all exhausted by the end of it.

We also wandered around Wilmington on Market Street and the riverfront.  We went to Harry’s Seafood Grille for my birthday dinner.  O. M. G.  The food and the service was amazing!!  If you are ever in town make sure you check them out.  They have a two course lunch for $15 too!  We will be checking that out for sure.  They were also fabulous about accommodating my family’s crazy dietary issues.  My sister is celiac, my mom tries to avoid gluten and dairy, and I am allergic to dairy.  They had a whole separate gluten free menu even.  Also, Loma Coffee on Market street is delicious =).

We had an appointment in Philadelphia to get me my Green Card, and so we checked out a few things while we were there.  We saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, and also walked around a neat market right downtown.  It had the cutest wine store, and a stall with so many different kinds of goat’s and sheep’s milk cheeses, heaven!  We bought a honey goat gouda, I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so delicious in my life.

We decided to skip out on Baltimore in favour of having a night in to play Catan.   If you have never played it: Settlers of Catan is a MUST!  Such a great game that is fun and competitive and involves luck and strategy and trades and it just amazing.  It’s different every time too because the board changes!

Since they left ( =(! ) I have been busy working and cleaning our apartment.  I am starting some new training at my job, and also coaching a soccer team and getting involved in volunteering with the SPCA and the Junior Board of Christiana Care.  I have a really busy few weeks coming up, but I am hoping to have a few posts prepared so that I don’t leave you with a void again!

I hope you enjoyed this little blurb on where I’ve been lately =)